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This is what entrepreneurship is really like

I had a pretty crazy experience the other night. After years of studying entrepreneurship at university, evaluating what other entrepreneurs were doing and founding a few (albeit micro) businesses myself, I had a realisation that changed my perception of what entrepreneurship really is (scrap the perception of the risk-taking creative).

A bit of backstory

It’s been a big fortnight. I just sold The Blog Designers to invest some capital in BodyWise v2 and have a bit of cash to live off while I work on the app full time. Less than an hour ago we just secured the developer we wanted and kick off development of our MVP less than 48 hours.

My realization

I caught up with some friends on Saturday night, heading out to an 80s nightclub in Melbourne. We were all having a great time but at some point a product question crossed my mind. After one too many beers my memory is fuzzy but from that moment on, I couldn’t stop thinking of my start-up.

Would we secure the developer? Should we go for the really colourful UI or a simpler design with more white space? How much do we put into the MVP? Suddenly I stopped thinking about what I would say to the cute girl by the bar or how to not look like an idiot on the dance floor and was busy making product decisions while the standard of my dancing dropped.

Here I was in a world of my own while everyone laughed and drank around me.

It’s clear to me now that this is what entrepreneurship really is – entrepreneurship is living and breathing your start-up so much that little else matters.

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