Different, but familiar.

My first big project since joining ZANEROBE full time was Project A. This one went from concept to launch in just three weeks. The beauty of being in-house and being able to move fast huh!


Your customers are used to paying a certain amount for a pair of jogger pants or a shirt. We were introducing a new premium collection to those same customers and trying to appeal to an audience that seeks high-end fabrics.

I designed Project A as a uniquely branded subline sitting within the regular ZANEROBE site. Essentially, it’s a product category of WooCommerce, with an entirely different site design, but the same core technology. It means one backend, the same process for managing product and orders, and the user has one shopping cart containing both ZANEROBE and Project A products.

Art direction
  • unique font-set
  • clean, minimalist design with soft greys and a white border surrounding contents
  • production of a campaign video which we used throughout social media and on the collections landing page
  • subtle animation to emphasise focus on key elements
Tech stuff
  • Built into the existing WooCommerce site
  • Tailored add to cart process if the users shopping cart contains Project A so it didn’t feel like a disjointed experience
  • Lots of javascript & CSS3 for subtle menu and scroll animations

See Project A