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eCommerce doesn’t have to be boring

Ad comes on. Brand tries to make you laugh. Between agents and actors, tens of thousands of dollars are handed over in the hope that you'll smile and feel good about the brand.  The ad will of course finish directing to you shop online. 'Click and collect' and all that.

You hit the site and if you're lucky, the home page has that same personality. More often than not the creative will carry on from the campaign and give you a clear direction on where to go. All is fine up until this point.

Now click through to the promotion that you just read about or to a category that catches your eye. Find the product that you're after.

Things start to go downhill.

The adidas Originals Trefoil Tank is cut from premium cotton jersey and stamped with a snake-patterned Trefoil logo.

No shit. Thats a product description from Aussie eCommerce darling 'The Iconic'. It's sitting next to a photo of a sexy model wearing a fashionable singlet that is nice enough to wear with a pair of jeans but still tough enough for the gym.

Honestly, that’s a waste of a sentence.

There are so many touch points that most of us ignore

  • Product descriptions
  • Product category descriptions
  • Size guide 
  • Cart & checkout pages
  • Order thank you page
  • Email confirmation

They're all opportunities to inject personality and warmth into shopping with your brand online, yet so few eCommerce sites give them any attention.

Mix it up with great micro-copy, branded icons and timely creative.

Your purchasing experience doesn't have to be the same as the generic template or status quo.

If you're feeling a little guilty and want some inspiration, check out VinoMofo and Hunting For George – two of my favourites, mixing creative copy and timely creative to maximise their online shopping experiences.

Full of inspiration, get onto your developer. I promise you that this stuff is quick and cheap to get right.

You'll create happier customers, improve your conversion rate and customer retention will skyrocket.

eCommerce doesn't have to be boring.

Oh, and check out Barney Cools – a brand that I’m doing this stuff with right now.

A Bloody Huge Marketing Stunt

I had a huge idea for a marketing stunt a few years back when Engage Marketing progressed from a part-time business that i was operating on the side of my Entrepreneurship studies to my full time occupation and my main passion.

It never saw the light of day (you’ll read why soon) but i’m posting it here so it doesn’t go to waste. Who knows. Maybe one young marketing agency somewhere in this big world with a little more cash than I had stumbles across this post and gives it a go.

The marketing stunt

What better way to draw attention to a growing marketing agency, the people in it and the effect that great marketing can have on regular everyday businesses than to showcase a regular everyday business undertaking a marketing transformation.

My idea was to purchase a local bottle shop and market it damn well. There would be nothing special about the shop that was purchased but with Engage Marketing’s talent and some hard work, we could grow sales in the business and showcase that to the world.

But wait, there’s more

Rather than release a crappy PDF case study at the end of the exercise, we would do one of the following:

  1. Pitch it as a TV show to networks (unlikely)
  2. Partner with some smart young people and make our own online video production & blog of the project (likely)
  3. Have a daily interactive in-store video stream talking about the whole exercise and what we’re doing to turn a business in a market with very little creativity or marketing effort into a top performer. At the end cut together a slick video of the project. (what we would do if we were to do it now)

Why it never saw light of day

  • It’s a lot of work
  • I’d spend a lot of time running the bottle shop instead of Engage Marketing
  • I didn’t have the balls
  • I couldn’t be bothered chasing funding and taking on debt in order to market a lean business (bottle shops cost between $150k – $600k)

The idea still really appeals to me but I doubt I’ll ever do it. Feel free to borrow it and let me know if you do use it!