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I’ll do this or die trying

I’ve had dozens of business ideas in the past few years but very few that I truly believed in. Yeah, I’ve started businesses. I’ve got two going at the moment, one on semi-hiatus and one thats only an app and not yet a business but I’ve never had a business idea that made me want to stop and drop it all.

I’ve never had a business idea that I saw as more than a good experience, a way to learn or an avenue to a good lifestyle. I’ve never had a business that I thought could be something that millions of people could end up loving.

I’ve got that now.

It requires a smart developer and a bit of cash. It’s hard to replicate. It requires building blocks. It’s immediately worth paying for. It’s in health & fitness tech. I may have to pack up and move overseas to give it the best shot of taking off.

I have many of the things I need to do this but plenty I don’t.

All I know is I’m going to do this or die trying.

Interested in health & fitness tech? Can you code iPhone apps like a beast? Maybe you can’t code but have time and talent to offer or money and a desire to be part of an industry that’s exploding. Give me a buzz.

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