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I’ve always been a big believer that before all else, your business has to serve your life. It has to provide enough enjoyment that it’s worth the risk and it has to have the potential to let you live life on your own terms.

I’ve been pretty lucky since I started Engage Marketing back in 2009. I launched the marketing agency while living at home with my folks. From there it grew into something that serves the lifestyle that i dreamed of. Yes, I still work my 60-70 hours a week but I’ve got the nice car I wanted, I live in a nice home in a nice-enough part of Melbourne with a few of my best friends and I’m able to go to the snow and take the odd holiday. Best yet, I love the work that I do.

But, I’ve decided on a pretty huge change. From November, I’m going to be living in Whistler Ski Resort in Canada.

Why the change? I’ve become too comfortable and I’m not pushing my mind enough. I love my work, but I’ve become too caught up in getting work done and spend too little time learning and experiencing new things.

What’s happening to my businesses?

The hardest part of this decision has been the realisation that in order to make this work, I have to put Engage Marketing on hold. I’m going to be spending 6 months continuing my work with The Blog Designers and Plan Lab while I play a part in a new business with some friends. It’s going to be called Snow Pro and we’re going to rent out GoPro’s and camera recording equipment to skiers and snowboarders at the start of the day, and then turn their footage into 20 minute DVDs that capture the fun, thrills and spills of their day on the mountain.

I’ll be continuing Engage Marketing when I return next April and I’ll be armed with a wiser mind than ever before. I plan on spending my extra free time digging into what is now a huge list of marketing, business and entrepreneurship books.

In summary, Engage Marketing is on hold for 6 months while I snowboard and increase my time spent working on Plan Lab and my other business, The Blog Designers. I’m incredibly excited to be going on an adventure folks!

5 thoughts on “Time to explore

    1. Thanks Cheryl! Much appreciated and you’re not wrong. It’s easy to forget how beneficial travel is for you. Speak to you on Twitter over this period no doubt!

  1. Such an amazing move, and I’m incredibly envious. The fact that you’ll be in a whole new environment, and still working.. (!) I mean, do you ever stop? Make sure you take the time to take it all in, and relax. You work too hard! I appreciate all that you do for me, and pop couture, even though I can be that one annoying customer that asks the silly questions that someone in IT should know…

    1. thanks Kimberley! Don’t be silly though. You’re awesome and we love working with you!

      I’ll be sure to take some more time off. With Engage off my plate for 6 months i’ll free up 30+ hours a week 🙂

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