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Show me the value early

Too often good products fail because it takes too much effort to use a product and realise the value that the product designer envisaged.

You know it if you see it. Your app gets opened for the first time. The user hits a blank screen and explores whether pinching does anything, whether that heading is a button, whether the menu slides out. It might not be an app. They might wander into your store and walk out within ten seconds.

They explore looking for something that immediately hooks them.

Too often we’re left with the empty screen, or even something that looks like a working, finished product but doesn’t give me something truly great.

We’ve got so much choice that truly great is fast becoming the benchmark.

I know that BodyWise takes way too long to show value. We’ve improved it by syncing your steps immediately upon opening the app but there’s 5-10 mature products out there doing the same thing. Where’s the value? Where’s the wow?

Thats our next task – going from a stable, functional platform with some cool features if you invest enough time in it, to providing an awesome experience very early in your interaction with the product. If you can do that, the users more likely to stick around and find the extra value in using your product the way that you intended.

What if when you open BodyWise for the first time, it compares your activity to the rest of your country?
“You’ve been more active than 82% of other Americans. Nice one! Log todays activity to take it to the next level.”