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Should I be 100% consumed?

In my early twenties as I stepped out onto my own, I was consumed by my young business. I had a good social life come the weekend but it was either work, sport, or friends. When it was time with friends, I’d be thinking about work and too often I gave a half-arsed excuse for not making it to something or leaving early so I could get back to making money and building my vision.

A typical weekday would look like work 9 – 6, soccer training 6 – 9, a bite of dinner and then work until midnight or so. Without realizing, I was doing 60 hours a week at a minimum, often up to 80 or 90.

That leaves me wondering, is it right or wrong to be consumed by your business or personal goal? My theory:

  • If you want to build something far greater than yourself, be consumed
  • If you want a good life, give yourself space

Athletes are the best and most visible example of that. The ones that make it are all in.

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