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Launch Day: BodyWise App

Well here I am again. Nearly a year to the day since I last threw myself into the madness of launching a product I find myself guzzling down coffee and hitting refresh on account dashboards and App Store rankings.

Today, my co-founder and I launch BodyWise¬†– the simplest way to track your health & fitness. It’s for the analytical and number-driven. In short its for the ever-growing community of self quantifiers that want to use data to know more about themselves and ultimately, use that data to improve their health and fitness.


I started off seeing BodyWise as an app that I wanted to build for myself. I figured if we wanted to use it and there was nothing out there like it, we’d find a group of people that loved it. In the 3 months since the idea was born, the quantified self movement has really kicked on and wearable tech like Fitbit and Jawbone UP’s are on every tenth wrist.

It’s turned from something I saw as a cool app to something I see as a start-up with huge potential

Quite simply BodyWise lets you track your health & fitness metrics like no other app. The future for us will be building cool things around your health & fitness data. That might mean a new bread of portable trainer based on your data (imagine going for a run, falling short of last weeks performance and being told that you were 0.7L short of your necessary water intake or didn’t fuel your body with enough carbs) or it may mean training plans based on your goals that keep you accountable to the figures that you need to hit.

Download on the App Store or visit the BodyWise website

Is health & fitness data an area that you’re interested in? Get in touch with me as we’re open to working with investors and partners to help us not only track health & fitness data, but blow the market away with how we interpret it for you

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