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Everyday humans creating huge change

Myself and 39 other smart, innovative and incredibly good looking folk have each invested $500 in #superawesomemicroproject. Twitter regulars may have seen this hash tag being thrown around by the project ringleader Steve Sammartino and others.

Essentially the project is about investing in giving an opportunity for a particular overseas genius to create something groundbreaking. It’s something that has never been done before and will hopefully attract a lot of media attention around the world.

When Steve put the #superawesomemicroproject prospectus out there for all to see, he promoted it as an investment in one’s professional reputation (if it all comes off). While that could certainly be true, i believe that Steve has orchestrated this ballsy project for three key reasons:

  1. This kind of investing is the way of the future // Everyday people can contribute to great innovation. No longer are we reliant on large companies who have their own politics and motives.
  2. Collaboration is damn powerful // People power.
  3. It’s exciting to be involved in something big // Forget ego. Doing cool things makes you feel good.

This is exactly why the project appealed to me and I’ve invested my hard earned money.

For updates on #superawesomemicroproject, follow the hash tag on Twitter.

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