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Snow Pro Video

We rent you a GoPro for your day on the Whistler slopes. You return it and we edit a compilation of your day.

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For just $229 you got the latest full-HD GoPro 3 video camera for the entire day, two official mounting accessories of your choice (we had them all) and your best footage, professionally edited by video editors that have worked and trained with leading studios around the world.

We’re living the dream working on Whistler. Get a Snow Pro video and let us capture your dream day on the mountain.

Snow Pro website

We made our first video for us and our friends. GoPro published it as their first video of the day, helping to send it to over 300,000 views

A failure

Ultimately though, Snow Pro was a massive failure. The Whistler community that we targeted loved the concept but were living on small paycheques every week and couldn’t justify the spend.

The thousands of rich tourists that we predicted would be interested in hire and premium video editing of their families trip were hard to reach.

The Whistler council didn’t allow any advertising, outdoor promotion or experiential marketing, limiting anything we did to digital marketing. This proved tricky for a market like ours.

The final nail in the coffin was how much we underestimated the value of relationship in a town like Whistler. None of the heli-boarding and backcountry tour operations were willing to put their trust in a young business founded by people they didn’t know. We started making some good relationships by the end of the ski season but by then it was too late.

We could have pivoted to a purely GoPro rental business but we would have lost the fun and great lifestyle we started it for in the first place. In the end we had a blast, came out $800 in the red and learnt some good business lessons.

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