Michael Halligan

Mike Halligan

twenty eight. marketer & designer that codes
Currently residing in Sydney, Australia

My latest blog post: Stop Selling Vanity

Currently Working On


Marketing Manager



Health & fitness app to create and track a healthier lifestyle.

Role: Co-Founder. Product & Design.


Health Tracking App

Organic skincare online store.

Founded November 2015.
Role: Co-Founder. Creative Director.

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Botanik Skincare

Past Ventures & Side Projects

eCommerce Designer Agency
Online Store Guys

Boutique eCommerce agency that I co-founded with Scott Kilmartin & Jordy Heis.


Engage Car
Engage Marketing

Closed in 2013, Over six years I built Engage Marketing up to one of Melbourne's top SME marketing consultancies


Wordpress designer
The Blog Designers

I made and sold a global Wordpress blog design agency.


Plan Lab
Plan Lab logo

Sold in 2014, Plan Lab is marketing plan software that teaches you what agencies charge thousands for. It's the easiest way to write a powerful marketing plan.


SAMP Raul & Steve


Romanian kid Skype's Aussie man saying he wants to build a rocket. Goes on to build a car made entirely of lego.


My Web Host Search
My Web Host Search Logo

In early 2015 I spent a few days hacking together a better way for web newbies to find a web hosting plan when they have no idea where to start.


Michael Halligan

Hi! I'm Mike. Born and bred in Melbourne, with a lot of travel along the way.

I design and build (mostly digital) things that people like to interact with, and help online retailers sell more product.

The stuff I do borders on product design, UI + UX design, eCommerce strategy, and I code. I don't know if there's a title for it. Basically, I do a lot of stuff that helps me to ship stuff and get shit done. None of its perfect but its all improving week by week.

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