Michael Halligan

26-year-old Australian. Loves beautiful products, smart businesses, eCommerce, good people and sport. Co-Founder of eCommerce builders & advisers Online Store Guys and Melbourne start-up BodyWise.

BodyWise is a mobile health & fitness tracking app that uses your data to deliver personalised training advice.

Weekends: Soccer, friends, a few beers, sport on the couch. Sneak in some time planning my next big project or dreaming of exploring a new part of the world & I've got a smile on my face.

I tweet, post my startup news, post on our eCommerce blog and write on marketing for StartUp Smart.

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Latest Blog Posts:

Showing just numbers & graphs is lazy. Use BodyWise and turn your device into a personal trainer.

With over 40 different things to track you can track what really matters to you. It’s not just the little things either. Track what ultimately matters – happiness, productivity and energy.

Choose some training buddies from work or your friends and compete with each other to live healthier lives.

ROLES: Co-Founder & Designer

Body Wise

Myself, Scott Kilmartin & Jordy Heis teamed up to create the Online Store Guys, an eCommerce agency building and advising growing online retailers.

They're beautifully responsive, conversion-optimized and incredibly well thought out.

ROLES: Co-Founder, Design & Development

Shopify Store Designer
Plan Lab

In August 2012 I launched Plan Lab marketing plan software.

Plan Lab is marketing plan software that teaches you what agencies charge thousands for. It's the easiest way to write a powerful marketing plan.

Exited in 2014

ROLES: Founder & Designer

One day someone asked if I knew how to make a blog for them. I’d made my own and said ‘Sure, why not!’. After Googling 'Blog Designer', I saw that nothing was out there. 24 hours later The Blog Designer was born.

Later to expand and become ‘The Blog Designers’, today we’re Australia’s specialist Blog Design agency and design blogs for Wordpress users and writers all around the world.

Exited in 2013

ROLES: Founder, Blog Designer, Marketer, Cleaner, Accountant...

Wordpress Blog Designer
Marketing Consultant Melbourne

My original baby, Engage Marketing is a small business marketing agency founded in 2008 while I was studying Entrepreneurship at RMIT University. Having worked marketing in my fathers business since I was 14 and enjoying great success, I started the business to both help and learn from great small businesses.

After growing it to become one of Melbourne's most trusted voices on small business marketing, I've stepped out of the business somewhat in the past twelve months, instead working more closely with a select few clients while I pursue my own start-up.

Put on hiatus in 2013

ROLES: Co-Founder, Marketing Consultant

Snow Pro

Maybe the less said about this the better. Snow Pro was an ill-fated lifestyle business I started in 2012 in Whistler, Canada with 2 friends. We made custom video compilations of Skier and Snowboarders GoPro footage.

We had plenty of fun & managed to get our debut video promoted by GoPro themselves but it couldn't have been any less successful as a business.

Super Awesome Micro Project

Myself and 39 other humans (mostly Australian) each invested $500 in an 18-year old Romanian genius to create something truly unique and remarkable.

Check out car made of lego that runs off air.

RMIT Entrepreneurship

In 2007 I started my studies at Melbourne's RMIT University. I was lucky to be accepted into the Entrepreneurship program, a 3 year degree studying how to create, market, finance and scale startups.

An amazing degree that as much as anything fuelled the fire I have to understand our developing environment and play a role in creating things that people love.

Currently Learningi

I'm currently focussing my learning on:

  • Apple Healthkit
  • User Onboarding
  • Raising funds for my startup
  • Running an eCommerce biz - 3PL & Shipping
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